All Returns are Signed by a CPA, Enrolled Agent, Tax Lawyer or IRS Registered Tax Professional !!!


Single with no Dependents Basic - $189.00

Married with Dependents Basic - $219.00

All additional, States Schedules and Tax Credits- $69.00 (each)


If additional time or expertise is needed for complex returns, it will be considered a "Specialty Return" and will require a Specialist's Quote.


Specialty filings include but are not limited to the following:

A - Volumonous stock transactions

B - More than 2 investment properties

C - More than 3 primary residences

D - More than 4 w-2's, 1099's or Dependents

E - K-1 Analysis

F - Independent Contractor Returns (Complex)

G - Capital Gains on Business and Personal Property

H - Farm operations


**No Work will be conducted until client agrees to the specialty quote.

**** The E-file transmission fee is $0.00.  All tax fees are for tax preparation therefore fees are required to be collected upon delivery of the 1st Draft of the tax return.  In the event a client is not in agreement with the results, we will do all we can to legally file with the tax clients best interest in mind however, the client can elect not to have the return filed (That does not preclude a client from paying the tax preparation fee)


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